Gatekeeper Training for Faculty and Staff

Those interested in learning more about how to identify, respond to, and refer students in distress or at risk for suicide or other major mental health issues can call the Counseling Center at 704-687-0311. The "gatekeeper training" programs include the following:

  • At Risk for Faculty is an online, interactive gatekeeper training simulation used at more than 85 campuses nationwide. In this 45-minute training, faculty and staff learn the common indicators of psychological distress and how best to approach an at-risk student for referral to the counseling center.
  • Campus Connect: A Suicide Prevention Training for Gatekeepers is a three-hour, experientially based gatekeeper training program for college and university faculty, staff, and students.
  • Individual and group consultations and discussions are also available on request.

Visit Counseling Center for more information.