Helping Students of Concern

Behaviors that suggest the student may be in imminent danger of harming self or others – Contact UNC Charlotte Police at 704-687-2200 or 911 IMMEDIATELY.

If a student needs additional guidance but does not pose an immediate threat to self or others, consider submitting a report to NinerCare or contacting the appropriate resource below.

Imminent homicidal or suicidal threats
Fear or experience of violence, stalking, bullying, or harrassment
UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety | 704-687-2200
Sexual assault

UNC Charlotte Police and Public Safety | 704-687-2200
Counseling Center | 704-687-0311

Expressions of suicidal thoughts or thoughts of hurting others
Domestic violence or abusive relationship
Depression or anxiety
Counseling Center | 704-687-0311
Suspected eating disorder or distorted body image

Counseling Center | 704-687-0311
Student Health Center | 704-687-7400

Erratic and/or disturbing behavior
Disruptive classroom behavior
Signs of alcohol and/or drug abuse or dependency
Sexual harrassment

Dean of Students Office | 704-687-0345 | Incident Report