• Who can make a NinerCare referral?  Any person who is concerned about a student’s behavior may make a NinerCare referral. Current students, faculty, or staff can make a NinerCare referral online at incidentreport.uncc.edu or by contacting the numbers listed in the Resources section. When making online referrals, you will be asked to login using your UNC Charlotte username and password for authentication purposes. Others, such as family members, neighbors, friends, can make a NinerCare referral by contacting the Dean of Students Office (704-687-0345).
  • What happens after I make a referral?  All referrals to NinerCare are reviewed by staff members in the Dean of Students Office to determine an appropriate action plan.  Depending on the magnitude of the referral, the case may be reviewed by members of the Campus Behavioral Intervention Team (CBIT).
  • What happens to the student in the NinerCare process? The severity of the behavior exhibited by the student will help to drive the response by the NinerCare team. The student may be asked to meet with NinerCare team members for a Care and Concern meeting. The student may be asked to attend counseling or psychological assessment meetings, or asked to withdraw from the University. The primary goal of every response option is to gather information, make the student aware of available resources, establish a web of support for the student, and to help protect the campus community.
  • When should I report a concern that came from a private conversation with a student? Any time you are concerned about a student it is time to involve others.  Reporting this to your department head or supervisor may be helpful. The Counseling Center (704-687-0311) and the Dean of Students Office (704-687-0345) are available for consultation as well.
  • If I submit a report can I remain anonymous? Due to the potential serious nature of information presented to NinerCare, anonymous reports are not accepted.  Staff reviewing the report and creating an action plan often need to follow-up with the person expressing a concern to learn more information and perspective.
  • What confidentiality standards should I follow? The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects the privacy of students’ educational records. FERPA authorizes faculty to disclose education records to other school officials who have a legitimate educational interest in those records. As the personnel involved in the NinerCare process are responsible for identifying, responding to, and supporting students of concern they have a legitimate education interest in any student information that might help them fulfill that responsibility. Additional information about FERPA can be found at FERPA Resources.